We compile data from 974 brands across 90 categories to grow your business.


BAV. A business tool driven by data.

Brand Asset Valuator, or BAV, is Singapore’s largest brand database, with 10,968 Singaporeans surveyed across varied ethnicities, age and income groups. Why? So we can identify clear marketing patterns and trends that reflect Brand Growth, Brand Decay and Brand Recovery.

We measure a range of brand health and imagery dimensions that influence consideration, trial, loyalty, pricing power, and most importantly, future financial performance.

We can then utilise this model to evaluate, diagnose and prescribe your brand a strategic framework with the potential to drive marketplace performance and help your business thrive.


Is your brand at risk
of becoming irrelevant?


We help indicate the Current Operating Value and Future Growth Potential of your business.


So you can break free from category limitations.

Our robust brandscape allows us to compare and learn from brands in up to 90 categories,
giving you the insights you need to disrupt the category your brand resides in.


Our Business Solutions.


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